Top Colorado Destinations for Glamping

The glamping lifestyle shouldn’t be approached in isolation, because it’s a lifestyle element which falls into the regular lifestyle any of us aspire to live. It should be thought of more as a form of accommodation, so the theme itself wouldn’t necessarily be glamping, but rather exploring some destination with your accommodation of choice being glamping.


Start the trip off with a visit to the Pioneers Museum, where you can learn about Colorado’s history and surrounding area, as well as the city of Denver. This way you can map a way forward to enjoy some of the top glamping spots with some background information.

This living history museum is fun, educational and entertaining, and has been named the “Best Places for Children in Colorado.” If you’re looking for more Colorado inspiration, read the Steamboat Springs Review or check out our list of Colorado Springs activities. Visit our section “If you have more time” to spend some time in some areas and find some of the best places to eat and things in color.

This charming mountain town also offers many opportunities to visit local restaurants, breweries and shops. If you are here for only a few days to discover something, it is a great way to discover various activities in Denver. The Downtown Denver Aquarium is definitely one of the funniest things you can do with kids in Colorado. Located in the heart of downtown Denver, right next to the Colorado Museum of Natural History, this hotel offers a variety of activities for children and adults, as well as some of Denver’s most popular attractions.

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If you’re traveling with kids

Take your kids on a trip to the Great High Prairie, take a guide to get to know the area and discover some of the more relaxed activities you’ve never seen before. Colorado Springs has so many great things to do, whether you’re a local or just drop by, get out there and start ticking some epic items off your Colorado Springs bucket list. One of my favorite things about doing cheap or free stuff is knowing how to find the best deals.

Manitou Springs

Discovering some of the best things to do with your kids in Colorado is fun while visiting this incredible state, with Manitou Springs coming into focus as top locale. There are a lot of things to do in Colorado with children or with any other glamping gang, offering all kinds of historical and educational experiences. Royal Gorge Cabins offers things to do in Manitou springs as well. Get off – on your way to the Great High Prairie, Rocky Mountain National Park and Colorado River Valley, but don’t stop there – in the action – the adventures around Colorado Springs, Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Boulder are not stopped.

The whole glamping movement is set to continue on its rise in popularity, but in all honesty it’s still somewhat of a niche activity. Therefore the most seasoned of glampers are the ones who essentially shape the glamping scene with some of their own glamping gear instead of seeking to show up at a glamping location and find everything catered to them.

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