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Welcome to The Fall Tours, my travel blog!

My name is Ben, travel has always been a huge passion of mine and after being lucky enough to live my passion as my job, I decided to create a blog surrounding my travels to share my experiences and advice.

I have spent the past 5 years travelling around the world, from experiencing new cities in England to travelling across the globe to Australia and Asia. Whilst on my travels I realised that there are a lot of things that people don’t talk about when it comes to travelling – good and bad! I wanted to create a place you could go to, to find all the things you need to embark on your travels.

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On my blog I share a wide variety of information, from tips on how to avoid being scammed when abroad, to the best places to visit in different countries or the perfect destinations for holidays.

As well as my constantly updated blog I’ve put together several guides for you to help you get started. Not sure what you should be taking on your travels? I’ve got you covered with a pretty comprehensive packing guide. As well as this I outline a what I consider to be the travel essentials. For people unsure if they can afford to get out there and discover the world I’ve got some advice on how to budget for a backpacking trip and still be able to pay your mortgage.

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Something a lot of people don’t consider when jumping on a plane and seeing what’s out there is first aid. Believe me, you don’t want to get caught out when stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Finally I’ve done a handy guide for one of other loves of my life – Photography. With just a few pointers here and there you will be armed with the techniques to capture some stunning shots ready for your Instagram profile!

You will find everything you need on The Fall Tours.

I love to share my experiences and advice, but I also love to hear about other people’s travels, so if you feel you have information, guides or advice to share with my readership, please get in touch here and if its worthy of going on my site I will happily publish it.

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