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You log into your Instagram account and the first thing that hits you is a barrage of snaps from your globetrotting pals. Whether they were backpacking across the Americas, sightseeing in Europe, or exploring whatever jungles, it can prove difficult for you to resist the travel envy, right?

You have lots of bills to settle every month, a mortgage, etc., and you are still feeling like you just have to jet-set across the world. But one thing you can’t wake up and do is dropping everything and embarking on expensive tours. No, you can’t afford to do that. First of all, it isn’t in your cards nor is it in your budget, right?

If your budget can’t stand the weight of an extravagant trip abroad, it’s overly important to find ways to make affordable traveling a reality rather than just a dream. Though affordable traveling can sound difficult, it’s much possible than you think. It all boils down to thinking past your usual vacation options, careful planning, and savvy solutions. Do you get the idea?

Define Your Travel Priorities

Before starting to scour through tons of tourist destinations across the world, you should, first of all, define set your priorities. If you are looking forward to a top-shelf experience, then you may need to save up enough money. If, however, your goals are to learn more about the history of the world, or you want to experience a new culture, then you can easily accomplish such goals even without much money.

Once you are aware of what you want, you can now start focusing on how to achieve it. That is how to align your expectations and ensure that you can travel on an affordable budget.

Set a Budget

Never book travel without a budget in mind- it’s extremely dangerous. If you succumb to the juicy fares and good reviews out there, you may end up overspending without your knowledge.

Make sure to think about your monthly bills, family and personal budgets, savings, other expenses, variable costs, and such jokes, and how they affect your traveling. And of course, have your priorities in mind when setting a budget for your travel.

Utilise Travel Rewards

Some credit cards can offer you travel rewards that can go a long way to reduce the total costs of your travel. If you have a card that offers rewards, make sure to redeem your points and see how much it can help you save on costs. The best credit cards to have are airline and hotel cards. These are just a few examples.

Slate Your Travel for the Off-Season

There’s no better way to save a ton than by traveling during the off-season, especially if you operate on a flexible schedule. Additionally, such seasons have fewer people traveling, which means that a less stressful experience will be a bonus for you. On the other hand, traveling during summers can cause you to part with more money for airfare, accommodation, and gas. If you have to travel during summers, be on the lookout for last-minute deals. Think about that.

Look for Alternatives

Another great way to slash costs is by looking for hotel alternatives. For example, you can opt to go for the non-traditional accommodation options. Maybe hostels, vacation rentals, staying with friends, or couch surf, anyone?

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Make Your Trips Shorter

Whether you’re traveling for business, exploration, or relaxation, there’s no need to jet off for many weeks to get the most out of your trip. What you need to know is that both shorter and longer trips have the same benefits, with the difference being only the time you spend there. If that is the case, then it means that shorter trips cost less. Do you get the idea?

Share Costs

How about planning a group tour? For example, you can have 10 friends join hands to pay $200 for a condo, and each of you paying $20? Think about that.

Utilise Volunteer Vacations

Many travel organisations pay for food, accommodation, insurance, travel local activities, and other costs for people on volunteer vacations.


If travel is something you fancy, operating on a low budget doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to suspend your trips until when you have lots of money. Just tweak things a bit and engage a little forethought. Simple!

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