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5 Best Things to Do in Macau on a Backpacker’s Budget

Macau can offer anything that a backpacker could want, be it beautiful sights, good food, and fair weather conditions. But the cherry on top is that visitors can explore some of Macau’s most stunning destinations for free!

And any backpacker planning a trip can have a favorable and inexpensive experience by planning their schedule and route in advance, according to our article on ‘How to Improve Your Backpacking Experience’. So if you want to visit Macau, enjoy the cool weather and avoid crowds by visiting between November and March. Most of all, you can save a lot of money and tour great places by adding these destinations to your itinerary.

Have an Adventure in Taipa Village

Credit: travel oriented under CC BY-SA 2.0 License

Taipa Village is about two miles away from the airport, which makes it very accessible to tourists who have just arrived to Macau. describes Taipa as a fusion of traditional and modern architectures, as well as Portuguese and Chinese culture.

For example, Our Lady of Carmel, a century-old church built with cobblestone, is only a stone’s throw away from Buddhist temples like the Pak Tai Temple. After visiting these churches, you only need to walk down a couple of blocks before you can reach Rua do Conha. Enjoy the greatest food that Macau can offer by sampling beef jerky, pork buns, egg tarts, and serradura from the various restaurants located on this street.

Pay a Visit to Mazu in the A-Ma Temple

From Taipa, you have to cross the Ponte de Sai Van to reach A-Ma Temple, which is located in the Macau Peninsula. A post on Macau by describes this temple as a historic site because it is believed that this is the first spot where the Portuguese landed. It was built in 1488 under the Ming Dynasty for a Chinese sea-goddess named Mazu. You can visit the goddess for free and pray for peace, protection, and good health.

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Marvel at the Architecture of the Mandarin’s House

Located half a mile away from A-Ma Temple is a historical residential complex named the Mandarin’s House. For no cost, you can explore this traditional Chinese compound which served as a home to a reformist and theoretician named Zheng Guanying. The property covers one acre of land and features several buildings that show elements of Western and Chinese architectural styles.

Admire the Structure of St. Paul’s Ruins

You only need to walk for 20 minutes before you reach the Ruins of St. Paul from the Mandarin’s House. This Macau World Heritage site was established in the 17th century and considered as the largest church in Asia during its time. The Façade of the Church of Mater Dei features a Baroque architectural style with a display that contains Chinese characters and elements. It is a must to climb to the top of the hill where you can view the ruins up close and marvel at the expansive city surrounding it.

Hike All the Way to Guia Hill

You can visit one UNESCO Heritage Site to another by walking from the Ruins of St. Paul to the Guia Hill, which is only one mile away. You would need to hike up a hill to explore the whole place, but it definitely is worth it. praises the peak of the hill, stating that it will give you a stunning bird’s eye view of the city’s skyscrapers. There is also a 17th-century lighthouse and church that you can explore within the hill!

Even with a tight budget, you can eat good food, view World Heritage sites, and even pray for good health in Macau! Backpackers like you can save so much money by visiting these neighboring sites for free.

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