Top 5 Cars for a Road Trip

Nothing quite says adventure like a road trip. The open road ahead of you and the freedom to go whichever way the wind blows (despite most of us having meticulously planned out our routes weeks in advance).

When we talk about famous, great road trips, the next question that usually springs to mind is ‘what car would you take?’. The car we choose for a road trip matters to us. It’s a trusted companion for the journey and completes the vision. You might not pick a classic Chevrolet Corvette or an old Ford Mustang to drive along the Amalfi Coast, but you sure would want to cruise down Route 66 in one.

However, there certainly is more to a great road tripping car than the aesthetics. In fact many of the cars we dream of doing road trips in are often wildly inadequate when it comes to the practical side. Space, comfort and good mileage are all significant factors to take into account. As well as the terrain and your unique needs for the trip.

So here are our top 5 cars that will be wonderful companions for you on your next road trip whatever your needs are.

The one for families

Mercedes E Class Estate

If you’re driving the whole family, comfort and space are two of your biggest concerns. And this car easily ticks both boxes. It’s spacious, with an abundance of room in the boot for camping gear, toys and anything else you might need to survive the trip. You could easily get bikes in the back as well, but if the tent is taking up too much room then chuck them on top and this solidly built car probably won’t feel a thing. Finally, if you’re looking to tow any equipment behind you then the E Class Estate won’t let you down there either with an impressive towing capacity. This car is a great all-rounder and should cover all bases for any family road trip.

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The one for sunshine

Audi TT

If you’re opting for a convertible, then immediately you are accepting reduced boot capacity. But presumably if it’s a convertible you’re looking at for your trip then you probably aren’t planning on fitting a whole load of camping gear in the back anyway. The Audi TT will provide you with a healthy mix of comfort on the roads, enough boot space for your beach gear and a parasol, all while allowing the sun to beam down on you as you drive.

The one for rough terrain

Range Rover

They might be more frequently seen driven by Surrey Mum’s and Dad’s on the school run, but when put to its intended use the Range Rover really will be a good friend to you whatever the terrain. This travel companion will bring smooth sailing down motorways, and barely bat an eyelid as you cross over to traversing hills, mud and sand. It’s a pricier option — but one that will bring you a large dose of luxury and comfort on your journey.

The one you can sleep in

VW Campervan

It wouldn’t be a list of great cars for road trips if there wasn’t a mention of the iconic VW Campervan now would it. The classic campervan is brilliant for those on a budget, or the spontaneous among us who just want to drive wherever their heart takes them before parking up somewhere beautiful to get a good night’s sleep. Whether you want to describe it as spacious or not is up to you. It might not feel like there’s plenty of space when you’re hunkering down for the night, but the VW certainly will fit a lot in. And if it’s adventure you’re looking for, this choice will certainly bring it.

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The fun one

1959 Chevrolet El Camino

Ok, yes. If you have more than two people on your road trip this car is of course wildly impractical. But if it’s just you, your plus-one and the road then the Chevrolet El Camino is one surefire way to make your trip memorable. Plus, with all that space in the back it does at least have one practical element, right?

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