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The best staycation places in Hong Kong for families

It is a whole new year this 2021 and all of us are in giddiness to start fresh and do something fun — perhaps, even as a family, too. So, where do we go from here? Just sit back, relax, and go to Cathay Pacific as it will take you to a spectacular city where your kids will definitely have a laugh for joy and spend a very great moment as a whole.

Hong Kong is a beautiful destination for families especially that the city has plenty of things to offer for fun exploration. Given that the city has certain destinations for activities, Hong Kong is also a great place for beautiful hotels perfectly suited for families. Here are the three best staycation hotels in Hong Kong:

1.) Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland is widely known as the happiest place on Earth! It wouldn’t be a magical trip without visiting Disneyland so staying at Disneyland Hotel is a no-brainer. Here’s the exciting part; you have three choices of hotels you can pick: Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, and Disney Explorers Lodge. Each offers a magnificent view of gardens and parks of Disneyland! Although Disneyland Park has recently closed its doors for now (thanks to the pandemic, insert rolling eyes) there is still absolute fun to do at the hotels. I’m sure the kids or the little chipmunks will love the facilities at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, including the Children’s Activity Centre full of Disney-themed arts and craft, games, movie nights, the Disney Fun Fair with lots of toys and scooter activities. Be sure to check out all the special hotel offers that are up now and be sure not to miss out on them. Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels are the most popular staycation hotels in Asia and it’s a dreamland for all ages — yes, even adults enjoy every section of the hotel including the Disney stores there make you go binge shop. It is a convenient choice especially for a big group of family.

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Disney’s Hollywood Hotel is a 1940s themed-designed with a Hollywood-theme hotel as its name implies. Movie buffs, fans of Hollywood as well as car lovers will love the manifold decorations and photo-taking opportunities around the area. The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel is an elegant Victorian-themed hotel and it’s Disneyland’s flagship hotel with about 400 rooms. It is more of a huge palace that fulfills the dream of fairy tale lovers. Lastly, the Disney Explorers Lodge is the largest hotel of the three. The hotel is designed for people who are into or love exploring — a golden age in early 1920s.

2.) Ocean Park Marriott

Located at 180 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong, your family will never get tired of loving every corner of this hotel as it’s filled with ocean motifs. Ocean Park Marriott has three architecturally iconic towers that have been inspired by the ocean designs – the Pier Wing, Club Wing, and Marina Wing that has 471 rooms and suites. The hotel offers spectacular views of both the Deep Water Bay and Hong Kong Ocean Park. You may celebrate your family time with a staycation at the Ocean Park Marriott and then enjoy the amenities — oh, especially the pool! The pool is arguably one of the best moments for the children in Hong Kong with slides and even shark figures. Kids will be in awe from the moment they enter and find the 16-metre high aquarium. The experience goes on immediately after you check into a themed room of your option. From the choices, you’ve got: Whiskers Submarine, Red Forest or Bao Bao Paradise room. Your family will definitely love how literally green the Ocean Park Marriott is. There are vertical gardens covering the building and greenery on the rooftop.

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3.) Four Seasons

The Four Seasons has been known for its luxury-type hotel in Hong Kong. It’s worth booking a room here as you can indulge with the kids around the area. Now you can absolutely expect that the little ones will be catered for; the Kids’ Fun Staycation package is ideal for the littlest chipmunks, who will be treated to a special welcome amenities kit with colouring books and crayons, in-room glamping, cookies and milk during the service.


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