What to Pack Overnight for Kayaking Trips

If you are looking forward to heading out for a kayaking trip on calm waters, you won’t need lots of gear. But if you’re planning to paddle to faraway spots, this guide will go a long way to ensure that you plan adequately. Of course, your individual preferences, abilities water conditions are the determinant factors when it comes to choosing what to leave and what not to leave.

First of all, you will need to get a route before mapping out logistics. The next thing is figuring out what to include in your checklist for your upcoming overnight kayaking trip. Fortunately, this post has got you covered. Read on.

1. Kayak Gear

In this category, place a kayak before anything else. Get a touring kayak because it’s the best in terms of storage, efficiency on water, and stability. If you can’t afford one, you can consider renting.

Next, you will need: paddles, floatation devices, bilge pump, spray skirt in the event of cold weather, dry bags, headlamp, signaling whistle, paddle float, towline, paddling knife, maps, compass, watch, paddle leash (optional), a large sponge, GPS with map files, walkie-talkies, and emergency strobe.

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2. Clothing

Also, you need to bring along in-boat wear, and remember to adjust depending on weather changes. Ideally, dress not for the air-temp but water-temp. Make sure to carry quick-drying clothing instead of cotton clothes that can chill you.

That being said, you will need to pack convertible pants/ shorts/ swimwear, moisture-wicking tops, long-sleeve t-shirts, sun-shield hat, footwear, paddling gloves, weather jacket, spray jacket, shoes for water, towel, bathing suit, sunglasses, windbreaker, rain pants, undergarments, extra pants and shirts, warm clothes, hiking shoes, hat, and weather pants.

Additionally, you can bring along more clothing to cater for cold weather. This may include long underwear, synthetic socks, dry suit, dry gloves, and a woolen cap.

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3. Cooking and Food Equipment

You may need a cooler- go for soft coolers instead of hard plastic cooler bags. If you are going to cook while on your trip, get a stove to help you heat some coffee. You will also need ice packs, cookware, water (2 gallons per head), meals, and food bars.

4. Recreational Equipment

When going on a kayaking trip, you shouldn’t forget to pack recreational stuff such as a camera, binoculars, video camera, cards, books, snorkelling gear, and fishing gear.

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5. Toiletries

You will need adequate toilet paper rolls, a functional first aid kit, sunblock, chapstick, and of course, a toiletries bag.

To make your kayak camping a memorable event, see ways to make it luxurious and remarkably comfortable. Avoid things that can make your trip frustrating, such as getting gear that can’t accommodate all your stuff or one that keeps on inconveniencing you.

It’s also important to note that the packing exercise is a truly amazing exercise that you can’t afford to ignore. Adequate planning and choosing what you feel can work for you is the only trick, so make sure to plan ahead of your trip. If you forget one crucial item at home, be assures that it will ruin your entire experience.

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