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How to Make the Best out of Your Trip to Crete, Greece

This post organised some possible routes based on the length of your stay and the things you want to do during your holidays : sunbathing on the fantastic beaches of Crete, trekking through some of the longest canyons in Europe, visiting historic sites such as Knossos, the oldest city in Europe and much more. To help you plan your trip to Crete, we have given you a brief overview of the three largest cities of Crete: Heraklion, Chania and Rethymnon and what surrounds them. In this post I have an overview of the cities and suggestions where I can stay depending on my interests (12-3 weeks).

If you want to combine relaxation with more about Crete, your trip to Crete could include a visit to Heraklion and its famous archaeological museum, Knossos, the largest archaeological site of the Bronze Age, and Archane, a Cretan history museum. We have listed many tours and organized day trips as often as possible, but with a car you can visit Crete at your own leisure and at your own pace. You can check out rental centers in Crete for affordable options for your trip.

The second largest city of Crete, Chanias (Chania Xavia), has a Venetian old town and a harbour that offer many fantastic photo opportunities. You should also put Chania on your Crete bucket list as it has a well-preserved old town with enchanting views. There are also beautiful beaches around the city that offer easy access to the southwest coast of Crete.

One of the main reasons to visit Crete is the incredible variety of beaches that can be visited as the island offers several shallow beaches along the rocky coast. If you like beaches, a trip to the north or northwest of the island is the perfect solution, as you are closer to the most famous beaches. Drive to the village of Matala to visit one of the most popular beaches on the island.

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If you only spend a week in Crete, decide whether you want to explore the eastern and west sides of the island, stay in Rethymnon and reach Chania and Heraklion from the south coast. The best way to get around if you know exactly where you’re going is by taking a taxi in Crete with CreteCab.

It is possible to drive from the beautiful city of Rethymnon (the capital of the homonymous region) and explore Crete by car or bus. You do not need to rent a car as there are buses from the bus station to the ferry port of Heraklion that will take you in about 2.5 hours by car, which is fun, with beautiful motorways and beautiful views. There are various national and international flights to and from Crete airport, and of course you can reach the island by ferry.

If you are wondering how to get to Crete, the answer is simple: you have to be in Greece to travel there. There are several ways to reach Crete, and it has many passenger ports and 3 airports connecting all major Greek cities and islands. If you want to extend your holiday in Greece as much as possible, you can reach the most accessible Greek island of Crete via a 2-hour ferry from Santorini, a 4-hour ferry from Paro or a 1-hour flight from Rhodes.

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