Essential Tips for the Newbie Snowboarder

Even the most experienced snowboarders do not have complete knowledge of what to do or what not to do in various snowboard disciplines. So, for newcomers, you can learn from previous snowboarders and help them improve their technique. It might sound cliche to have another tip every time, but here are my two favourite tips to help you improve your riding, not at least when riding out on fresh powder or riding black snow:

1. You’ll Never Learn Snowboarding If You Don’t Get In The Mud: Learn to fall safely and stop yourself from falling. Learn how to use the rail of your board. Learn how to land off terrain, stairs, gates and any terrain elements in different ways.

2. If You Can’t Avoid Falling, Use Your Hands: If you fall, land hard and learn to use your feet in snowboarder style, and get out. Use your hands. There’s nothing like hitting your wrist or knee on your helmet, to bring you to the ground. Use your hands to catch yourself before you hit your head.

Tread Lightly On the Bench

It’s hard to see other snowboarders out there on the world stage with bruises and worse injuries than yours. Don’t make your riding or the sport your entire life. Remember to put your health first. Use common sense and don’t push yourself to the extent that you get injured and end up putting your whole life into this sport. Use proper brakes. Use them even if you’re off the slope and that means not standing on the edge of a 10 metre high jump or pushing your board down a steep slope with your bare hands. Use them when you’re just getting into snowboarding to keep your ankles, knees and feet healthy.

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Your Ride Starts from Here

So, let’s take the first step in snowboarding: trying it out. Make snowboarding a hobby you enjoy and start seeing improvements in your ride within a couple of hours. If you want to get a start, head out to your local snowboard shop, see some riders or take a lesson from your favourite local snowboarder. Start thinking about things you might like to do in snowboarding, try it out and make yourself a snowboarder. Once you get yourself out on the hill and doing something you like, the fitness side of things will come naturally, and you can decide to keep it up from there.

When it comes to your first ride, don’t push yourself to the maximum at the first lift. The best all mountain snowboard will give you the confidence to take your first step. Take it slowly, only ride what you can manage. You’re riding snowboard boots, not some fancy fitness boots with carbon fibre spikes. Take it easy. Focus on you. Focus on your stance and your form. Focus on riding on tracks and in corners. Try to stay in the snow and avoid the areas that are steep. You’ll go fast on the bigger stuff, but slowly and safely. You don’t want to fall and crack yourself in the face or break your legs and walk out with some broken bones, do you?

Ask For Help When You Need It

You’re going to find a lot of people like you out there on the slopes. If you’re not aware of what’s going on or where to go, ask a helpful local snowboarder for help. Don’t feel stupid or embarrassed. Nobody wants to see you fall. No one wants to see you hurt or injured. So, if you find yourself stuck out on a mountain somewhere and don’t know where to go.

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