5 mistakes That Most Travellers Do and how You Must Avoid

Whether you are traveling by bus or by plane, we all make mistakes that cause headaches or even ruin our trips. When you have proper planning, it is easy to avoid some common travel mistakes that travellers make. Proper planning will also help you to enjoy your vacation. Below we have discussed five mistakes that travellers do and how to avoid them.

Not Checking your Cell Phone Plan

It is essential to know your plan to avoid data roaming issues. You should turn off your data before entering the plane, shut up or leave it in airplane mode( with airplane mode, you will be able to connect to wifi).

If it’s a must, you use data, buy an international data plan, or purchase a local sim card when you arrive. Some sim card companies give free data pack to their customers. You should recommend this offer as it is a promotion to their customers.

Not Booking Enough Time in Between Flights

Sometimes it is hard to predict flight conditions. If you get delayed, you will be forced to rush to the unfamiliar airport to connect to your flight, which might take time. It can lead to postponed of your journey, which can affect your plans.

It is good to book them with a safe cushion in between. You should plan at least two hours delay between the two flights because you have to pass through security to get to another trip which may take some of your time.

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Not Grabbing Some Local Currency at the Airport

When you leave the airport, you will require local currency that will enable you to take transportation cabs or restaurants.

Withdrawing money from your ATMs while in the airport, it will give you better exchange rates compared to other places. Pick up enough money you may need and extra for emergencies.

Credits cards are good because you can use them whenever possible, but it is good to have some cash. You will need to travel to different places where to some time they don’t accept credit cards

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Not Checking Visa Requirements

When turned away at foreign security, the checkpoint can be expensive, and it can put your trip to an end. You should check on various websites that list the visa requirement for different countries in the world. That information will make you understand the different elements before starting your trip to avoid extra charges due to unawareness.

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Not Buying Travel Insurance

Travel insurance companies will cover the trip cancellation fee; if you don’t make to go to your vocation or any paid trip, they will cover for all those losses. Some of them also cover medical expenses if your health insurance does not cover you while in a foreign country.


These mistakes may affect your life or journey in one way or the other. It is good to read and adhere to the solution given as they will help to avoid such mistakes. You can’t feel well if you plan something and while on the process, you realise that you have made a major mistake, and maybe it could be too late to correct that issue.

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