Best Spring Destinations in Croatia

A joy to behold no matter what time of the year you visit, Croatia is a land of overflowing natural beauty that constantly keeps on impressing with heavenly aesthetics. In spring though, certain places within the nation stand to benefit more than most and today we tell you where those places are so that you can take in the magic for yourself.

1) Plitvice Lakes National Park

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In the season before, the waters of Plitvice Lakes are frozen solid providing an ice rink-esque scenery that’s still utterly gorgeous. When spring sets in, that beauty is magnified tenfold. Waterfalls roar back into life bringing with them youthful vegetation rising on a once slumbering land that also bustles into activity with the songs of birds and squeaks of wildlife waking from their hibernation.

2) Zrce beach, Pag Island

Croatians definitely know how to turn on their spring break groove with the scintillating summer precursor parties on Pag Island showing the continent, and the world, just how to get it done. International DJs ensure a constant supply of beach and boat parties that’s sure to unlock that inner party animal that resides in all of us. Make preparations for this year’s edition early enough as the Zrce Spring break festival is slated for the 30th of May i.e. at the end of this month.

3) Dubrovnik

Reeling in the aftermath of a cold winter, Dubrovnik is delightful in early spring. The fully fortified and medieval looking town can hardly be described as quiet but during this time of the year, it’s calm and peaceful. The crowds of people synonymous with summer are yet to return leaving you with endearing streets and ancient architecture all to yourself. Moreover, there’s no better time to look up an excellent Croatia property for sale as it is much less crowded than in the peak season which means it’ll be easy to move around.

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4) Ston

If you and oysters are inseparable, Ston’s annual oyster festival is the place to be. It usually kicks off toward the end of March because oysters are their tastiest right at the start of spring. Mali Ston seafront promenade proves to be oyster central availing a collection of customary raw oysters spruced up with a dash of lemon juice and served in half shells. You can get the cooked alternative if you prefer which comes in the way of boiled, grilled, fried and even stewed variations. Besides the main agenda on the menu, an exquisite wine accompaniment is also on the cards.

5) Zagreb

The nation’s capital is famed for its Christmas parties and festivities but it’s also equally as popular in the season thereafter. That’s primarily because Zagreb is home to three parks which blossom with vibrant new colors and an abundance of nurturing animals. There’s also the flower festival in May to look forward to which brings together talented horticulturalists and florists piecing together all kinds of wonderful floral exhibitions and collections. Drinking and eating in the outdoors also starts to resume over spring and you can get a taste of the overwhelming fresh air and a sense of the soothing heat to expect in summer.

Other Croatian spring delights also include the lovely islands of Vis, Brac, and Korcula not forgetting the enticing Stari Grad plain in Hvar that is beginning to recover its green touch during this period.

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