5 Best Ways to Enjoy a Holiday in Ibiza

We want you to get the most out of your luxury villa holiday in Ibiza, which is why we explored the island and found the top 5 ways to make sure you enjoy your holiday in Ibiza.

Maximise Your Booking-Time

It is almost impossible to see everything in Ibiza in just one week’s vacation, although Ibiza is quite small and can be reached from one end to the other in just an hour. Whether you need to get in and out of an airport, cross an island to spend a day at a water park, or just want to spend a sunny day exploring one of the most beautiful islands on planet Earth, you’ll need to plan a bit on how to get around Ibiza. If you are one of our most active guests, then a great way to get around is to rent a bike when you are here and really get to know Ibiza.

Rent a Car

Perhaps by giving vacationers complete freedom of movement around the island, if you choose to rent a car in Ibiza, you will be able to move around and explore the island at your own pace. A great way to get around if you want to enjoy Ibiza’s famous nightlife, the disco bus is a stunning oddity that many visitors to Ibiza enjoy. If you plan to have a few drinks during your trip to Ibiza, your best bet is to call a taxi.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty, FREE

This is the most amazing way to experience the natural beauty of Ibiza for free. Ibiza offers many things that can only be done on this island, such as the best parties in the world with the hottest DJs, sunbathing on the most beautiful and stunning beaches, and most importantly, exploring this place where the people live. It’s fantastic place for hippies.

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Family Resort Living

Ibiza is not only about vibrant nightlife, as you can see in the popular family resort options on the east coast of the island, about 15 kilometres northeast of Ibiza town. The charm of the capital of the island of Ibiza lies in the fact that the small resort offers relaxation in a heavenly setting, but at the same time conveniently located near some of the best attractions in Ibiza. With regular bus links to the island’s capital, Ibiza, the Ibiza villa experience allows you to still see the island’s best sights and head to the nightclub. Since Ibiza is an island, getting to Ibiza is not as easy as taking a car or taking a train.

Packaged Tours Via Your Accommodation Get a Thumbs-up

One of the reasons why Talamanca Beach is one of the best places to stay in Ibiza is because the capital of the island, Ibiza City, offers everything from a hostel to budget, mid-range and high-end hotels. When you arrive in Ibiza, you will see many companies offering activities and services. Ibiza has rightfully earned an unrivalled reputation as the best nightlife destination.

Much more than just a party, Ibiza has so many amazing and best things to do scattered all over the island. Having visited several times, we have come to find some epic gems and some of the best things to do in Ibiza, giving you a completely different Ibiza experience. With stunning natural beauty, a stunning coastline and many charming villages to explore, Ibiza has so much more to offer and there are plenty of things to do in Ibiza that don’t involve partying.

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