Best Weekend Getaways

Getting the hell out of town has never lacked a style, and just everything else in your life, you will still need some good time and enough money. So, do you want to spend a long weekend traveling internationally? Probably. But truth be told, the best window many people hope for is the long weekends, right?

Fortunately, there are many weekend getaways from where you can use your time for the best experience ever. We are talking about great destinations across the world, where you and your friends, or partner, can enjoy a truly legit escape for a few days. Let your workmates see you at work on Monday or Tuesday!

Sao Miguel Lush Island

Sao Miguel is found in Azores, Portugal, and it’s a destination you will certainly like. Why?

One reason you will like this destination isn’t that it’s easily accessible by plane, but the fact that it has a summertime connection you will enjoy. Secondly, it’s the largest of all other islands (all of them are nine) that say the Azores. You will enjoy a serene environment made up of foggy lakes, waterfalls, and hot springs. Ideally, every place on the island is a good backdrop for your Monday Instagram snaps.

Hamilton, Bermuda

Bermuda is an area 2 hours away from New York, Washington DC, or Boston.

Since we are talking about the best weekend getaways, a weird bird-like Hamilton can work well for you, isn’t it? You see, this area is sunny and mostly warm despite not being tropical! You will also love its warm, pink sandy beaches.

For many decades, Britons and Americans have been thronging Hamilton, which is attributable to the area’s flourishing nightlife. But the most popular tale about Hamilton is one about Bermuda Triangle. Just save enough and head out for Bermuda.

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Quebec is easy to travel from most parts of the world but Washington DC clocks the most flights per week. If you don’t have a budget to enable you to jet set into Montreal by air, you can consider the train. So, why is Quebec lovable?

Though they say that Montreal is the North American city that’s closest to Europe, the truth is that Montreal is a standalone town- it’s wholly its own thing. The city is so charming you can’t resist its fascinating neighbourhoods. Featuring a Jewish tradition, you will enjoy lots of festivals and culture- it’s the cultural soul of the great Quebec. Even if you are a foodie, you will still enjoy some awesome cheese and pastries, and more.

And with lots of recreational marijuana, you will get the chance to enjoy some weed, especially if that’s part of your travel agenda. But you must be 18+.

London, United Kingdom

The reason why London is always the winner is simply that there is always so much to enjoy there. Besides its scenic views, you can still enjoy yourself in any of its amazing restaurants. Not to mention the awe-inspiring secret spots and best bars you may need to see. Oh, and that’s before you can steal a view of the city’s stunning palaces!

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre is arguably the most colourful destination in the world and Italy. It’s an amazingly cool weekend getaway where you can relax for a few days or until your weekend is over. If you fancy hiking, then it’s still the right place for you. To get around quickly while in Italy you can get a car rental from StressFreeCarRental.com or your preferred car rental service.

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Paris, France

Paris is yet another win especially if you like traveling during summertime. That’s the time the city looks nicer but you must enjoy lots of picnics, outdoor activities, festivities, and dinners, among other things.

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Split, Croatia’

Split is not only an amazing city, but it is also a very beautiful getaway that is home to lots of historical events and items, for example, the Diocletian’s Palace in the movie Game of Thrones. Since the city is full of fun, what you can do on your part is to plan what to do while there.

Budapest, Hungary

Though the city is extremely interesting during the day and at night, the best part about it is its affordability. But this doesn’t come at the expense of exciting things. Its uniqueness should make you start preparing to travel there for a memorable weekend getaway.

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