Best Places to Raft In Colorado

At 52,100 acres, Strada Verona Resort and Spa sits about a mile outside of Leadville, Colorado on the shores of Middle River, a swift river surrounded by mountains and thick forests. You can embark on the 56-mile Colorado High Country Rafting Co. Trail or join a private rafting tour led by master raft guide Aaron Wells.

The path takes you through the scenic Crystal River Valley and beautiful rocky river. Among the rafting locations is Hawk Creek, which can be described as a creek filled with islands and rocky outcroppings. With the guidance of Wells, you can cruise the river along the river banks and hop out at small waterfalls and waterfalls to hike.

The river runs from 10-15 feet in depth at most spots, so the fastest experience will be in a four-person raft. The experience is family friendly, with a daily rental fee for adults and a discounted rental fee for children under 10.

The Northern Vermont Rafting Company offers similar excursions for a similar price. This is a great option for families that want a shorter trip, however, each trip takes about four hours and lasts about eight to ten minutes with four to five hours of total time in the rafting water.

Dedication and knowledge to paddle at high speed are required, so sign up for a rafting class if you are unsure of how to handle the thrill of the water. The best thing about this outdoor adventure is that if the conditions are poor, no one is left out.

Canyoning is a highly respected method of rafting. You can get into this specialty of rafting by going to West Mountain Recreation, which is located outside of Windham, Vermont and provides beautiful scenery and a decent amount of excitement for the budget traveler.

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Once you get on the tour, you will begin at the suspension bridge and travel along scenic trails. Along the way, you will see scenic waterfalls and see a glimpse of some gorgeous woodlands. It will be an adventure full of exhilarating water and rock slides.

Rafting near the Royal Gorge

If you want to stay on top of the action, you can set up an itinerary with the expert tour guides and have a full day. The charge for a day is about $139 per person, but you can get much better deals on Colorado white water rafting trips near the Royal Gorge. So it’s not exclusively a matter of having to pay top-dollar for the best experience, but rather about finding the right service provider.

With many options, there is a rafting trip for every budget and this is a popular sport with many groups. Whether you want to ride the river or spend a day trekking through the mountains, there are plenty of locations for a quality rafting experience in Vermont.

Pro-tip: Buy a map for the region when you reach the area and have it with you at all times. Each trail comes with a detailed description of the route with information on how to prepare for the hike.

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