10 Jobs That Are a Great Fit for Travel Lovers

10 Jobs That Are a Great Fit for Travel Lovers

Working in a 9-5 job isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, right? Some of us fancy planning our next vacation, which means that remaining stuck in an office cubicle can be draining.

So, if this rings true for you, consider switching careers. Think about a career that fits your standards and your travel lifestyle. You see, if you fancy globetrotting, you don’t have to stick to a job that can’t allow you to travel more than once or twice a year, which can see you spending all your savings on the least experience. In other words, you can travel the world for free. For example, you can eke out a living off traveling. How?

Here are 10 potential jobs you can consider. Read on.

Athletic Recruiter

Many sports organizations and colleges pay athletic recruiters to travel the world in search of new talent. Athletic recruiters are also known as scouts.


Companies are fond of hiring consultants to help them fix problems because of their specialization. As a consultant, your role would be to maintain a positive relationship with the company’s clients and making on-site visits regularly.

Au Pair

If you know a second language, you can get a chance to experience a new culture on top of your salary and lots of travel. Your role may be but not limited to babysitting children and teaching them a new language.

Construction Manager

If you want to make good money and travel a lot, then become a construction manager. You will be relocating to new places around the world and end up staying there for several months. Check out vacancies with construction companies.

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Diving Instructor

Scuba instructors get the opportunities to travel the world, an opportunity they wouldn’t get if they were not expert divers. Become a diver and see parts of the world through teaching others about the beneath of the oceans.

Flight Attendant

This is an obvious travel job and the most accessible. Though the hours on air are a bit erratic and the work a bit hard, as a flight attendant, you will get the opportunity to travel frequently and catch a glimpse of thousands of cities before retirement.

International Volunteer/Aid Worker

As a volunteer, you can travel for a salary and at the same time making a difference in people’s lives. It is a good job for you especially if you have training in agriculture, education, health, and of course, you should be interested in social work.

ESL Instructor

ESL teachers are in high demand because they offer their services to people who want to learn and understand English as a second language. English is in itself an international language, so you won’t lack the chance to travel internationally.


If you are a communicator with a fluent command of multiple languages, you can travel the world helping tourists and other people to communicate.

Travel Agent

This is yet another rewarding career for anyone who loves traveling. You will travel to different areas to have a first-hand experience before recommending such places to new travelers.

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