Why It’ll ALWAYS be about the Journey and not the Destination

Travelling gives us many good memories that we can always look back on. We all love to travel, leave our comfort zone, visit cities, meet new people and create endless unforgettable memories. It’s not just funny stories, travelling with friends always pushes you on new adventures, trying new foods, roaming the streets and taking on new challenges.

Travel is the ultimate cure that allows us to disconnect from our daily routine and helps us experience the world in the lap of nature. Thus, without travelling, the core dynamism of humanity will be suppressed and that is why we make these journeys and create lifelong memories. Ultimately, I believe this is why so many of us travel: to discover new places and get to know ourselves better.

I feel that we all have the right to experience many journeys to enrich our present. I feel that whether it is a peaceful walk under the Himalayas in a beautiful mountainous Indian town or an organized European tour, a trip at the end of the day is a personalized experience that is always in line with our financial and personal considerations.

Travel remains an accessible enough point to explore the broader cultural truths of nations, social and ethnographic, without the burden of intellectualizing the experience or entrusting it to mere stereotyped mystical description. The next best way to take a trip to a dream destination is to take a virtual tour of a museum, travel movie, or well-crafted story.

One of the trips that allowed me to get to know this area better was a trip through southern Tuscany, between the villages of Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana. It was a unique experience to get to know many nice places that are not even mentioned in the classic guidebooks, and to be fascinated by the mystery of the Etruscan civilization from which the Romans inherited so much and whose language is still not deciphered. Thanks to this trip, I had the opportunity to visit 6 different countries, watch the Eurocup in Europe and, above all, meet friends. After my summer study trip abroad to Italy fell through, my best friend and I decided to book one last trip to Europe.

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The memories I created and everything I discovered this year have been truly amazing and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to travel so much. Having said that, I’m sure someone who has had similar experiences would like to share with you their most unforgettable travel memories – the ups and downs – of even the smallest details making up any trip they go on. What they’ll be happy to tell you about are the experiences they’ve had during their travels that fill all of our hearts with joy at the mere remembrance of them, re-living them together and making us thank the universe for the fact that they’ve had the opportunity to explore unknown places.

That’s why we travel and this is what will forever make it about the journey and not necessarily the destination.

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