Five Unknown Islands to Put on Your Travel List


These five islands are quaint, beautiful, and yet unknown. However, they should definitely be on your bucket list so that you can create beautiful memories with your loved ones. Today, the inclination to travel is returning all over the world with a vengeance. However, you could be in two minds about the places that should be on your priority list. Relax, as we have some great recommendations for you.

First things first! These little yet not so small islands are hidden gems. All these 5 islands have unique quirks and identities. They also have fantastic architecture and vistas and waiting to be lived, explored, and experienced. So, without much ado, check out these five beautiful, unknown islands that should be on your travel list.

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1. The Aeolian Islands, Italy

These tiny islands in Sicily are popular tourist destinations with volcanos, fumaroles, and mud baths. These islands are varied and incredibly beautiful. There are seven islands in total and many uninhabited islets that were awarded the status of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The volcanic origins left behind a rich legacy of rocky coastline, craters, and black sand beaches. Island hopers can explore the charms of these islands. On some islands, the donkeys are the only kind of land transport available.

These are archipelagoes and so you just cannot select one of them. In case you ever plan to vacation in Sicily, you should make sure to visit these islands as well. Some of the top attractions of these islands are the historical sites, quaint fishing villages, and hidden beaches. In short, there is something for all. From the tiny Filicudi to the big Lipari, these islands are a hidden gem.

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2. Hydra, Greece

Islands in Greece are always known for their beauty. There are some popular Greek islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete. Also, there are dozens of big and tiny islands, which are a visual treat for tourists. Known for its rich history, Hydra is a stunning island in proximity to the capital of the country, Athens.

There are very few vehicles on the road on this island. It means you have to explore it by a donkey or on foot. Explore the spellbinding architecture and the crystal clear sea. Relish the delicious local cuisines and get greeted by friendly inhabitants as you move around the island. Do not forget to savor some cocktails when you are by the sea.

Hydra is not only popular for its gorgeous sea beaches but also for its lively beaches, thriving nightlife, gourmet restaurants, pretty villages, and scarcity of motor transport. To put it simply, it is a must-visit destination when you are vacationing in Greece.

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3. Iriomote, Japan

Japan is a varied and vast nation and so can satisfy all types of travelers. Even if you are visiting this gorgeous country for the first time, spend some time on Iriomote. It is closer to Taiwan as compared to Okinawa and is almost covered by forest. Travelers would find stunning beaches, fauna, mangroves, and waterfalls on this island. Make sure to visit the Urauchi River’s banks. Many mistake it for the mighty Amazon River.

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4. Lanai, Hawaii

Are you in pursuit of a Hawaiian holiday in a small package? If your answer is affirmative, Lanai is an excellent option for you. The island has superb tourist amenities, which will take care of all your requirements. At the same time, you will also love the unspoiled nature on the island. Outdoorsy travelers can go hiking, which can be a nice adventure. Travelers can also visit the pristine beach, swim, and dive in the crystal clear seawater. There will be no fuss like on bigger islands and you can focus on your travel goals.

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5. Isle of Arran, Scotland

We covered some small warm islands, so how about going to an island with a colder climate? Enjoy a raw and distinct experience in the Isle of Arran in Scotland. The island is famous for its incredible selection of drinks and food. Today, it is recognized as a destination for foodies. You will surely not go famished while exploring this charming island. Also, the island will not disappoint you in terms of attractions.

Many in Scotland claim that the island is the country in miniature. This could be true if you remove cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh from the equation. There are so many things to do here starting from hiking and a coastline that is unlike many others on the planet. You will feel miles away from the civilization while visiting it.

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