10 Cheap Honeymoon Destinations Across Europe

The first thing that a couple thinks of after a wedding is a honeymoon vacation. How well you spend your honeymoon will depend on the choice of the honeymoon destination you make. Most couples end up with worst honeymoon experiences due to poor selection of destinations. Remember, this is a once in a lifetime experience; hence you need to make it memorable.

We decided to help freshly married couples choose the right honeymoon destinations by narrowing the list down to 10. The places will not only save you on costs but also make your honeymoon memorable. Here is the list.


Most couples who are well financially will go for Santorini in Greece for their honeymoon. However, if your budget doesn’t fit the Santorini destination, Corfu might as well be the perfect destination for your honeymoon. Corfu is a small Island found in Greece.

The pebbly shores, landscapes, and cobblestone streets in Corfu will add a great experience to your honeymoon. It has very many free public beaches which will save you a lot of costs while enjoying your honeymoon.


This destination overflows with romantic backdrops from the Prague Castle to the Charles Bridge. The Letna Parks gives you an excellent relaxing and viewing point of the city bridges and the river.

The hotels in Prague are affordable. Also, most of the alluring attractions in Prague are free.

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If you and your soul mate are wine lovers, then Porto is the perfect destination for your honeymoon. It has affordable restaurants to relax and enjoy your honeymoon for as long as you wish.

Also, most of the Portuguese’s attractions are costless.

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Athens is the perfect destination to enjoy the right weather conditions. Also, it has very few people at their attraction sites, which give you an ideal experience.

The Greek architecture at Ancient Agora and Acropolis will impress you. They also have excellent and affordable accommodation deals to make your stay comfortable.


Despite being underrated by most people, Brussels is still the perfect budget-friendly destination for newlyweds. It has gorgeous green spaces, museums, and parks that will give you a great honeymoon experience.


Budapest is an ideal destination for almost every couple. It has relaxing baths, colourful shops, and world-class museums. However, to find the best bargains, you should make an early booking due to the summer tourist season.


It has tasty easts and dive bars that come at a cheaper cost. It also has average high temperatures warm enough to make you stroll along the La Croisette promenade. It is the most affordable destination every couple should dream of their honeymoon.

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It is the largest island in Greece with beautiful beaches and museums for exploration. While there, you can have a perfect viewpoint at Elounda and Chania, which are the top places to stay.

Also, it has affordable vocational rentals, resorts, and accommodations, which include fantastic sea views.


The cozy cafes are the best places for couples to canoodle while enhancing their honeymoon experience. You can easily view the St. Stephens Cathedral and the Naschmarkt open-air food market at no cost.

Canary Islands

If you are looking for a honeymoon destination with average high temperatures, then the Canary Islands is the perfect choice for you.

You have a great view of free attractions like the Roque Nublo from the island of Gran Canaria.

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The above destinations will help you save on costs while making your honeymoon experience memorable.

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